Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm not entirely comfortable with the name of this holiday. I mean, I'm probably absolutely looking too far into the name of White Day as something bad, but I digress.

Actually, in a different ranting vein, seems that all the holidays on the 14th of each month are kind of like Love Day. White day is another one of these holidays seemingly made by the chocolate companies in order to entice people to buy sweets and candies.

On this particular demi-holiday, men give chocolate sweets to their girlfriends to let them know nothing has changed and you're still just as cute as you were the day we met although now that i think about it you don't try as much anymore, you make me feel bad for hanging out with my drinking buddies, and you boss me around more than your little brother but oh well you still like them.

As you can imagine, this day can get a little repetitious for older couples. Just like in America, married couples might exchange more expensive gifts on such couple days to keep with the spirit of the day without resorting the same gift as last year.
Isn't she cute?
White Day should be a fun day and it's one of the more noticeable 14th holidays (as opposed to Kiss Day - nope, I didn't make that one up). This day is also quite predictably a couple day much like Christmas in Korea. But for those of you who get shucked on March 14th, hold your innermost emo-ness for 30 more days to celebrate how miserable you really are that you're not alone on Black day with other dateless bums single friends.

See you in a month, fellow Black Dayers.

Jaded much? Thoughts?